One of Genome Canada's main objectives is to assume leadership in the ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social aspects of genomics research (GE3LS).


Genome Canada's national leadership in GE3LS research distinguishes itself in three ways:

  • it incorporates both economic and environmental dimensions to its GE3LS research program, while other comparable research programs elsewhere in the world focus primarily on ethical, legal and social aspects;
  • it requires, as a funding condition, that GE3LS aspects be integrated into all genomics research funded by Genome Canada; and,
  • through its signature large-scale projects, it provides a sufficient basis for Canadian GE3LS research teams to produce outcomes of international calibre and have significant impact.

Genome Canada's National GE3LS Strategy is to continue promoting world-class GE3LS research, while also encouraging systematic, creative and dedicated efforts to translate research results into tangible outcomes for relevant end-users, including researchers, technology users, policy-makers and the general public.

The seven elements in support of the National GE3LS Strategy are:

Guiding Principles

Genome Canada's leadership in the area of GE3LS is guided by the following principles:

  • Lead through demonstrable action
  • Maximize return on past investments
  • Enhance potential for future success
  • Build upon what's already been done
  • Stay aligned with the objectives of Genome Canada
  • Engage with and complement the roles of partners
  • Demonstrate openness and transparency
  • Promote a culture of active listening, learning and responsiveness

National Leadership & Coordination

The Director, National GE3LS Program, leads the national GE3LS strategy and supports Genome Canada's leadership in this realm, in collaboration with the regional genomic centres.

"GE3LS 7" is a national network composed of representatives from each of Canada's six regional Genome Centres and Genome Canada. The goals of this network are to:

  • promote awareness of GE3LS within and beyond the research community funded by Genome Canada through the regional Genome Centres;
  • facilitate the integration of GE3LS in existing and future Genome Canada funded genomics research projects;
  • promote capacity building in GE3LS, regionally and nationally, to continually augment Canada's robust GE3LS community;
  • facilitate interaction between the regional Genome Centres and Genome Canada to develop and implement ideas that support the Centres' GE3LS initiatives, Genome Canada's national GE3LS agenda and the national GE3LS community;
  • leverage existing GE3LS infrastructure to the benefit of all Centres, recognizing the uneven distribution of GE3LS dedicated resources across the Centres;
  • build shared GE3LS initiatives and collaborations across and between regional Genome Centres and Genome Canada; and
  • reduce duplication of effort across regional Genome Centres by sharing information, materials and experiences regarding GE3LS related activities.

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