Welcome to Impact

Impact, Genome Canada's new GE3LS e-newsletter, covers stories at the interface between genomics and society. Like the name it bears, Impact is dedicated to showcasing the results of leading-edge GE3LS research in Canada.

GE3LS research is the trans-disciplinary study of the ethical, economic, environmental, legal and social aspects of genomics. It includes a broad range of far-reaching topics in social sciences and humanities. To name but a few examples, GE3LS research includes examining complex legal and ethical issues arising from genetic screening and testing applications, assessing the public's views and perceptions of genomics technology, studying the environmental impacts of enhanced crop breeding, and evaluating the socio-economic impacts of intellectual property regimes. And the list goes on…

Impact replaces Genome Canada's former magazine-style GE3LS newsletter, published in hardcopy and PDF between 2002 and 2007. The re-designed format was conceived to promote three main changes:

  • Impact's readily-accessible electronic format was designed to better meet the modern communication needs of readers and is now virtually connected with Genome Canada's new GE3LS webpage, allowing readers to "click" easily from one to the other.
  • Each issue of Impact is dedicated to a specific theme in order to provide a more in-depth treatment of timely and relevant topics, ranging from knowledge translation to integration to capacity-building.
  • Impact is intended to foster more of a 'grassroots' sense of community among GE3LS researchers at all stages of their careers, and be more inclusive of the many interests and voices of multiple stakeholders involved.

To this end, we invite you not only to read, scan and navigate around Impact, but also to send us your comments by clicking on the special FEEDBACK button at the bottom of the e-newsletter. Send us recent news, tell us about new GE3LS research projects, introduce us to rising GE3LS stars at your institution, let us relay relevant announcements to the broader community, and suggest story ideas for future issues.

Thank you for reading Impact, and we look forward to hearing from you!