Together with its six Genome Centres and with other partners, Genome Canada invests in and manages large-scale research projects in key selected areas such as agriculture, environment, fisheries, forestry, health and new technology development. Genome Canada also supports research projects aimed at studying and analyzing the ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social issues related to genomics research (GE3LS). In addition, five science & technology (S&T) innovation centres with cutting edge technical capabilities have been put in place across Canada to support the large-scale projects.

Projects and S&T innovation centres are selected based on their international competitiveness and scientific excellence in the framework of Canada's social and economic fabric. To date, Genome Canada has received $915 million in funding commitments from the Government of Canada to which has been added over $900 million in co-funding from other organizations to finance innovative, large-scale research projects in genomics, proteomics and related activities.

Interim Review

Genome Canada undertakes an interim review of each approved project and science and technology innovation centre, within approximately eighteen months from the start date.

The interim review is one of the methods used in the oversight and accountability of Genome Canada funded projects and innovation centres. For projects it is used to evaluate i) the progress of the research including GE3LS; ii) the research team’s ability to achieve the approved objectives; iii) the changes in research direction (made or proposed); iv) the progress towards ensuring the benefits to Canada are realized; and v) the financial and management aspects of the project including an assessment of financial expenditures in relation to achieved outcomes. In the case of science and technology innovation centres the review comprises i) a technical evaluation of all services offered by the innovation centre; ii) a performance review of services delivered by the innovation centre to Genome Canada-funded researchers and others; iii) a review of efforts by the innovation centre to reduce the cost of services; and iv) other financial and management issues related to a service organization. The results of interim review are used to determine whether funding should be continued, reduced or cancelled. The review will take into consideration the timeframe during which the project research has been ongoing and will also be used to provide advice regarding alternative approaches and avenues to strengthen the project.

Genome Canada Database

For financial information about the projects and innovation centres visit the Genome Canada Database. All of Genome Canada’s large-scale projects and science and technology innovation centres are included in this database. You may query the database and receive detailed reports using one or several of the selection criteria offered.

Co-Funding Update


Genome Canada is a not-for-profit corporation created in February 2000. Genome Canada is the primary funding and information resource relating to genomics and proteomics research in Canada.

Its mandate is to develop and implement a national strategy in genomics and proteomics research for the benefit of all Canadians in key selected areas such as health, agriculture, environment, forestry, fisheries and new technology development. Genome Canada is committed to a leadership role on the ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social (GE3LS) issues and potential implications associated with genomics and proteomics research, and to communicating with Canadians on these and other issues.

Genome Canada’s innovative business model is built on the premise of funding and managing large-scale and multidisciplinary, internationally peer-reviewed research projects and science and technology innovation centres. It also includes the co-funding of projects with both domestic and international partners.


Federal government investments in Genome Canada total $915 million as of March 31, 2010. This investment represents 50 per cent of the funding of research projects and technology innovation centres. The agreement with the Government of Canada stipulates that Genome Canada will raise the other 50 per cent of funding from other sources.