Competitions and Funding Initiatives

2012 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition

In January 2012, Genome Canada in partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research launched the 2012 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition in Genomics and Personalized Health. This competition aimed to support large-scale research projects that will demonstrate how genomics-based research can contribute to a more evidence-based approach to health and improving the cost-effectiveness of the health-care system.

Results of the competition were announced on March 26, 2013, Seventeen projects in total have been approved for funding for a total budget of $149.8 million over four years with a maximum of $45.1 M from Genome Canada, $24.6 million from CIHR, and $2.0 million from CSCC.

List of Approved Projects

Title Sector Lead Genome Centre/Co-Lead Centre Project Leader(s)
Enhanced CARE for RARE Genetic Diseases in Canada Health Ontario Genomics Institute Boycott, Kym
Mackenzie, Alex
Personalized Treatment of Lymphoid Cancer: British Columbia as Model Province Health Genome British Columbia Connors, Joseph
Marra, Marco
Gascoyne, Randy
Personalized Medicine in the Treatment of Epilepsy Health Genome Quebec Cossette, Patrick
Minassian, Berge
Michaud, Jacques
Viral and Human Genetic Predictors of Response to HIV Therapies Health Genome British Columbia Harrigan, Richard
Montaner, Julio
Biomarkers for Pediatric Glioblastoma through Genomics and Epigenomics Health Genome Quebec Jabado, Nada
Majewski, Jacek
PACE-'Omics: Personalized, Accessible, Cost-Effective Applications of 'Omics Technologies Health/GE3LS Genome Alberta McCabe, Christopher
Bubela, Tania
Reducing Stroke Burden with Hospital-Ready Biomarker Test for Rapid TIA Triage Health Genome British Columbia Penn, Andrew
Borchers, Christoph
Coutts, Shelagh
Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy Health Genome Quebec Perreault, Claude
Roy, Denis-Claude
IBD Genomic Medicine Consortium (iGenoMed): Translating Genetic Discoveries into a Personalized Approach to Treating Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Health Genome Quebec Rioux, John
Bitton, Alain
PEGASUS: Personalized Genomics for Prenatal Aneuploidy Screening Using Maternal Blood Health Genome Quebec, Genome British Columbia Rousseau, Francois
Langlois, Sylvie
Innovative Chemogenomic Tools to Improve Outcome in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Health Genome Quebec Sauvageau, Guy
Hébert, Josée
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Genomes to Outcomes Health Ontario Genomics Institute Scherer, Stephen
Szatmari, Peter
Personalized Risk Stratification for Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer Health Genome Quebec Simard, Jacques
Knoppers, Bartha
Clinical Implementation and Outcomes Evaluation of Blood-based Biomarkers for COPD Management Health Genome British Columbia Sin, Don
Ng, Raymond
Early Detection of Patients at High Risk of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Health Ontario Genomics Institute Stein, Lincoln
Godfrey, Tony
The Microbiota at the Intestinal Mucosa-Immune Interface: A Gateway for Personalized Health Health Ontario Genomics Institute Stintzi, Alain
Mack, David
Personalized Medicine Strategies for Molecular Diagnostics and Targeted Therapeutics of Cardiovascular Diseases Health Genome Quebec Tardif, Jean-Claude
Dubé, Marie-Pierre