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Genome Canada
150 Metcalfe Street, Suite 2100
Ottawa, ON K2P 1P1

Telephone: 613-751-4460
Fax: 613-751-4474

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @GenomeCanada

Employee Directory

All phone numbers begin with (613) 751-4460.

Email addresses follow a standard format: first initial last name (For example, [email protected]).


Marc LePage President and CEO 223
Cindy Bell Executive Vice-President, Corporate Development 218
Darlene Arseneau Vice-President, Corporate Services & CFO 217
Paul-Émile Cloutier Vice-President, Advocacy and External Relations 219
Karl Tibelius Vice-President, Genomics Programs 215


Koko Agborsangaya Program Manager 220
Naveed Aziz Director, Technology Programs 225
Christian Carswell Director, Genomic Applications Programs 229
Kim Corbett Program Manager 256
Scott Davies Director, Finance 227
Karen Dewar Director, Genomics Programs 211
Lorna Jackson Program Manager 226
Andrea Matyas Director, Communications 231
Hélène Meilleur-Landry Director, Events & Sponsorships 216
Lucy Sorensen Administrative Assistant 210
Kate Swan Director, Corporate Development 234
Helina Tadesse Program Manager 253
Rob Tweedy Director, IM/IT 213
Brigitte Vaillant Executive Assistant to the President and CEO 223
Natalie Ward Director, Performance and Evaluation 241