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Elizabeth Douville

Elizabeth Douville


Founder and Managing Partner
Montreal, QC

Elizabeth is Managing Partner at AmorChem. As a co-founder of the Fund, she played an important role in elaborating the innovative early-stage investment model of AmorChem, as well as setting up and supervising its operations.  Her strategic input and vision have been critical in the fund’s success. As part of the first AmorChem Fund, she oversaw the investment in nine of the funds’ promising university technologies and in 2016, successfully created AmorChem’s first spin off company, Mperia Therapeutics. She then spearheaded the efforts to create two more spin off companies, Corbin Therapeutics for which she is currently acting CEO, and Fairhaven Pharmaceuticals for which she actively contributed to its sale to Liminal Biosciences in 2020. After closing the AmorChem II Fund, she led the fund’s first investment in a Montreal-based start-up, Inversago Pharma, used her strategic vision to catalyze the creation of ARNA Therapeutics, a leading company in the field of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and recently participated in the financing of Giiant Pharma, AmorChem’s latest portfolio investment. Elizabeth is an active board member and observer to portfolio companies Corbin, SemaThera, Inversago, ARNA and Giiant.

Elizabeth’s reputation as a very committed and active participant in the life sciences ecosystem has led her to sit on the boards of directors of several important organizations. She has been a Board Member of Genome Canada since 2016 and has been serving as Chair of the Board since 2019. She is also a member of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation since 2015. In the past, she worked extensively on the boards of BioQuébec, the provincial industry organisation, and BioCanRx, a Canadian Centre of Excellence for biotherapeutics in cancer. In 2020, she received a Certificate in Leadership and Leadership Abilities from the Leadership Institute and participated in the prestigious GP Academy offered by the Business Development Bank of Canada.

Elizabeth began her venture capital career by joining the GeneChem family of funds in 1997, quickly rising from Manager to Senior Partner. She obtained a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa and a post-doctoral fellowship from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London, UK.  She has a certificate in management from CIREM/University of Montreal.