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Genome Canada Playbook

Genome Canada PlaybookPutting our values into action

Genomics, responsibly and equitably applied, can change the world for the better.

Our work is critical to the future health and wellbeing of Canadians, and for our planet. Genome Canada is mobilizing the resources, talent and ambition needed to generate solutions to some of today’s biggest challenges and enable Canada’s genomics research and innovation ecosystem to flourish. Our success will be experienced as economic growth and prosperity, good food, a clean environment and lower disease burden.

How we show up ensures our success. The way we work ensures our energy is focused on learning everything we can, creating the difference we want to see in the world, and making sure this impact is equitably felt by all of society. This is about mindset, and this is about action.

We commit to a future-focused evolution that accelerates our enterprise and draws the brightest minds to our cause. 

The Genome Canada Playbook describes how we put our five core values into action as we strive to be relentlessly impact-focusedintentionally inclusivea purposeful partnereffortlessly agile and seriously smart.

Playbook icons representing values: relentlessly impact-focused, intentionally inclusive, a purposeful partner, effortlessly agile and seriously smart

Learn more about the values guiding our work.