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Augmenting the Plant Microbiome to Improve Crop Yield and Stress Resilience

Genomic Applications Partnership Program
GAPP Round: 
Agriculture and Agri Food
Genome Centre(s):
Genome Prairie
Project Leader(s):
Vladimir Vujanovic (University of Saskatchewan)
Receptor Leader(s):
Ray Riley (Indigo Ag)
Fiscal Year Project Launched: 
Project Description: 

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization forecasts that world food production will have to increase by 70 per cent by 2050 to meet the needs of a growing global population. This challenge is exacerbated by such factors as diminishing freshwater resources, rising energy prices, and the need for crops to adapt to the pressures of a drier, hotter, and more extreme global climate. Indigo Agriculture is partnering with Drs. Vladimir Vujanovic and Jim Germida, leading academics from the University of Saskatchewan, who have discovered a new class of natural microbes that can dramatically improve crop yield and stress resistance. The project will use genomic tools to systematically evaluate and field test a number of cropmicrobe combinations with high commercialization potential. It aims to develop breakthrough microbial products that will address the significant need for improved yield, water use efficiency and heat-stress tolerance in major crops in Canada and around the world including wheat, maize, soybean, canola, barley, and pulses — crops that account for more than $15 billion in annual production in Canada alone.