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The International Regulome Consortium

International Consortium Initiatives
Genome Centre(s):
Ontario Genomics
Project Leader(s):
Michael Rudnicki (University of Ottawa)
Project Description: 

The International Regulome Consortium (IRC) is led by Michael Rudnicki at the University of Ottawa. This Canadian led international consortium includes Drs Jack Greenblatt and Janet Rossant at the University of Toronto, Professor Bartha Knoppers at the University of Montreal as well as key participants in France, the Netherlands, Singapore, the UK and the USA. The overarching goal of the IRC is to explore how gene function is regulated in mammalian cells during development with implications for stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

Employing proteomics and genomics tools and using primarily the mouse as model, the project’s objectives are to identify interacting proteins and target genes for 570 transcription factors in different tissues and stages of development.