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Genome Canada releases Annual Report 2016-17: Partnership – It’s In Our DNA

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ottawa, Ontario

Genome Canada is pleased to release its Annual Report 2016-17, Partnership – It’s In Our DNA.

Partnerships are paramount as we work with others to harness the transformative power of genomics for the benefit of Canadians. We are proud of our collaboration with provincial governments through Canada’s six regional Genome Centres, not-for-profits, federal and international organizations, academia and a growing number of private sector partners who see the value of genomics for their business. Our joint investments advance fundamental knowledge that equips Canada to address global challenges related to health, climate and food, while at the same time produce innovative products, tools and processes that fuel economic growth and job creation.

We feature in this report some of the most cutting-edge genomic science, technology and applications underway right here in Canada. Research that will strengthen Canada’s iconic western redcedar, mitigate oil and gas pipeline corrosion, improve yield and stress resistance in food crops and prevent toxic water outbreaks. We also celebrate the mapping of the beaver genome – a gift for Canada’s 150th anniversary!

We are ever grateful to the Government of Canada for its leadership role in fuelling world-class science and innovation through its continued support of the Canadian Genomics Enterprise. At Genome Canada, we look forward to working with our partners to expand the reach and impact of this highly successful national program.

View the report online here: Partnership – It’s in our DNA