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Genome Canada welcomes Canada’s new Chief Science Advisor

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ottawa, Ontario

Genome Canada congratulates Dr. Mona Nemer on her appointment as Canada’s new Chief Science Advisor and applauds the Government of Canada on its excellent choice.

Dr. Nemer’s deep commitment to Canada’s research community, both as a renowned scientist and as an esteemed university vice-president of research, are widely recognized and celebrated here in Canada and abroad. 

“Dr. Nemer has a stellar research background in biology, and a deep understanding of genomics and its potential to bring positive disruptive change to health, agri-food and natural resource sectors. She also has unique experience in science having worked in Quebec, Ontario and in Europe. She will be an excellent representative for Canadian science,” said Mr. Marc LePage, President and CEO of Genome Canada.  

Genome Canada is encouraged by the Government of Canada’s actions to ensure science informs policy in all areas of importance to Canadians, including health, the environment, the economy and our communities.  We are also confident that this role will help promote Canadian scientific excellence, improve coordination across Canada’s research system and increase awareness of scientific issues among the Canadian public. Genome Canada looks forward to supporting her in these endeavors.

We welcome Dr. Nemer to the role and wish her every success.