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Genome Canada welcomes new Chair to Board of Directors

Friday, June 28, 2019

Ottawa, ON

Genome Canada is pleased to announce that Dr. Elizabeth Douville has been appointed as Chair of the Board of Directors.  

The Board is thrilled to welcome Dr. Douville in her new role and would also like to use this opportunity to extend its sincere thanks to outgoing Chair, Professor Moura Quayle after three years of service. Genome Canada is grateful for the leadership and expertise Professor Quayle extended to the organization during her time as Chair. 

Dr. Douville has exceptional expertise and experience in science, innovation and commercialization and possesses a robust knowledge and passion for genomics. She is the Managing Partner and co-founder of AmorChem II Ventures Inc., a Quebec-based seed venture fund dedicated to financing and commercializing university technology development. She brings extensive experience in venture capital investment to her role at AmorChem, having been General Partner of GeneChem, a leading North American life science venture capital fund from 1997 – 2011. Her wealth of experience in the life sciences extends to several other advisory and leadership roles. Dr. Douville has provided guidance to federal and provincial granting agencies and has participated on the Boards of BioQuebec, the Quebec Bio-Industry and Life Sciences Business Network, and BioCanRx. 

Dr. Douville earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Ottawa and did her postdoctoral training at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London. In 2008, she obtained a business degree as part of an Executive management and training program offered by CIREM in collaboration with HEC/University of Montreal.

“Dr. Douville’s leadership, governance experience and vision make her a perfect candidate for Chair of the Genome Canada Board of Directors. Having made significant contributions over the past two years as a Board member, I have no doubt she will lead with the same vigour and enthusiasm,” said CEO and President, Marc LePage. 

“I believe in Genome Canada, its vision and the transformative power of genomics. In many ways, we have yet to realize the full potential of this exciting science and I look forward to finding new avenues of discovery and application for this field. I’m honoured to be able to bring the diversity of my professional experience and scientific knowledge to the Board and the Genome Canada team,” explained Dr. Douville.

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