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Ontario Genomics Institute Launches Scintelligence, a New Division to Help Industry Tap into the Power of Life Science Solutions

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toronto, Ontario

The Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) today announced the launch of Scintelligence, a new industry-focused division to help companies in a variety of sectors capitalize on research and innovation in the life sciences. This division will engage the private sector to identify challenges and business needs, and facilitate collaborations between partners in industry, academia and government.

Life science technologies represent a significant opportunity to optimize business processes, and save time and money, while improving sustainability, regulatory compliance and corporate responsibility.Scintelligence will focus on three major sectors: agriculture, health and informatics, and natural resources, including mining, water and forestry.

“Ontario has an incredible wealth of scientific knowledge, but many industries are unaware of how life sciences solutions can improve their business processes and decrease costs,” said Mark Poznansky, President and CEO of OGI. “Traditionally, research is done in academic institutions, who market their discoveries to industry, often without knowing the challenges they face. Scintelligence’s approach is to determine industry’s needs and connect them with partners and cutting-edge technologies that help address the challenges they face.”

Scintelligence will also move research more effectively through the marketplace and open new doors for Ontario’s life sciences industry in non-traditional areas.

“Ontario is a major North American life sciences hub, but the investment potential is largely under-recognized,” said Allan O’Dette, President and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “Nearly 50 per cent of Canada’s life sciences activity is in our province and we have what it takes to be a global leader in the field. The launch of Scintelligence is a strong step toward helping Ontario realize this vision. This industry-focused approach will drive economic growth in Ontario and create high-quality jobs.”

Scintelligence will build on the reputation and success of OGI, which has a network of hundreds of life science resources in Ontario and around the world. In addition to facilitating partnerships, this division will provide business development support and connections, such as funding opportunities, experts in regulatory and tax issues, and technology and patent specialists. Scintelligence is providing these services at no cost.

About OGI

The Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) is a private, not-for-profit corporation focused on driving the life sciences industry in Ontario through the use of genomics to increase the quality of life of all Ontarians through better health outcomes, a healthier environment and sustainable agriculture. OGI’s portfolio contains nearly 100 genomics research projects and companies, with more than $850 million of research and commercialization investment. This work is enabled through relationships with Genome Canada, the Government of Ontario, and other private and public sector partners. For more information, please visit