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Request for Applications: New funding available for large-scale applied research in the natural resources and environment sectors

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Ottawa, ON

Today, Genome Canada, together with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), is pleased to launch a Request for Applications for the 2020 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition: Genomics Solutions for Natural Resources and the Environment. The Competition aims to support projects related to energy, mining, forestry, water stewardship, healthy oceans, wildlife management/conservation and bioproducts that help conserve natural resources, protect the environment and support sustainable resource management.

Genome Canada will invest approximately $25 million in successful projects, with co-funding from sources such as provincial governments and the private sector, while NRCan will invest approximately an additional $1.5 million through this Competition. This funding opportunity builds on the complementary mandates of Genome Canada and NRCan and provides an opportunity to bring together and maximize the effectiveness of the research communities, infrastructure and resources supported by both organizations allowing for  joint projects, where Genome Canada funds will support the Genome Canada eligible researchers and NRCan funds will support the NRCan researchers.

Successful projects will use genomic approaches to address challenges and opportunities in Canada’s natural resources and environment sectors and will demonstrate how these contribute to the Canadian bioeconomy, a healthy environment and the well-being of Canadians. Research that examines the implications of genomics in society, such as factors that may facilitate or hinder the effective translation of research and the uptake of genomic-based applications, will also be supported as part of the Competition.

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