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Special anniversary issue of Genome published in honour of landmark meeting

A collection of content from “Genomics: the Power and the Promise”

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One year ago today marked the beginning of “Genome: The Power and the Promise” — a landmark event, presented by the Gairdner Foundation and Genome Canada, to celebrate a decade of progress and discovery in genomics research. The conference, held from 27–28 November 2012 in Ottawa, Canada, brought together some of the brightest minds worldwide in medicine, biofuel production, environmental sciences, agriculture and the preservation of natural resources – areas of study connected by the common reach of genomics.

An anniversary edition of the science publication Genome has now been released by one of the event sponsors, Canadian Science Publishing, under the banner NRC Research Press. The edition features 10 manuscripts selected for publication following the conference and seven transcripts of key oral presentations that took place at the event. Dr. Stephen Scherer of the McLaughlin Centre, University of Toronto, Centre for Applied Genomics at Sick Kids Hospital and one of the conference speakers served as guest editor of the special anniversary issue.

NRC Research Press had dedicated the October 2012 issue of Genome to this event. That edition included 29 abstracts from graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and clinical trainees who went on to present their research vision in a poster session at the conference.

In an effort to capture the spirit of the meeting and preserve the output, a series of videos of both the conference speakers and poster presenters has been made available online.

Publication and video links:

Speaker presentation videos

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