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SickKids researchers identify possible new approach to treating acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

Friday, May 16, 2014

In the last few decades, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) has become a cancer success story with over 80 per cent survival among children. This has been achieved mostly through intensive chemotherapy, which that has improved outcomes for many, but unfortunately not for all. Still about 20 per cent of children with ALL will relapse, and survival among adults is just 40 per cent.

Call for proposals for the biobank of the Canadian Health Measures Survey

Thursday, May 1, 2014

From May 1 to June 30, 2014 Statistics Canada is inviting researchers to apply for access to blood, urine and DNA samples from the Biobank of the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS for use in health studies. The biospecimens are available to any Canadian researcher that completes a review process and would benefit from a national population survey of about 5,600 participants per collection cycle.

Genome Canada celebrates DNA Day 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today the Canadian Genomics Enterprise marks the landmark discovery of DNA’s double helix structure, published in Nature by James Watson and Francis Crick in April 1953. The discovery – arguably one of the most important of the 20th century – answered a fundamental mystery about how living organisms pass genetic instructions from generation to generation, and eventually enabled later researchers to understand the genetic code.

Registration Now Open! Genomics: the Power and the Promise, November 24-26, 2014 (Ottawa Convention Centre, Ottawa, Canada)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How does environment impact human health and natural resources at the genomic level? How can genomics help leverage Canada's traditional resource sectors while preserving the environment?

Explore these questions and more with world-renowned genomics experts and visionaries from academia, industry, government and media. A poster session highlighting the work of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows will also be featured.