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Genome Canada designs and administers a suite of programs to fuel the research and innovation pipeline – from discovery through to applications of research, including commercialization. We regularly launch new funding competitions. Following rigorous peer review processes, we support genomics research projects and initiatives in partnership with others. Our funding falls within three core investment areas:

Large-Scale Science

This portfolio includes large-scale applied research programs, which support projects using genomic approaches to address challenges in Canada’s economic sectors, as well as strategic initiative programs that address national and international opportunities. These programs also include genomics-related research undertaken from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities – known as GE3LS research (i.e. genomics and its ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social aspects).

Leading-Edge Technologies

This portfolio provides support for Genomics Technology Platforms to ensure that Canadian researchers have access to the latest technologies, as well as for programs in technology development, bioinformatics and computational biology.


This portfolio involves programs that bring genomics-derived solutions to needs in industry, the public sector and society at large.

Find out about current competitions in each of these areas, as well as active and past projects and initiatives funded.

Project Search

Search our Project Database for descriptions of all projects Genome Canada has funded. Financial reporting on all projects and initiatives we fund is available on our Financial Reporting System.