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Genomics in Society / GE3LS

GE3LS stands for

G = Genomics

and its

E3 = Ethical, Environmental, Economic

L = Legal


S = Social Aspects

GE3LS research investigates questions at the intersection of genomics and society. It provides stakeholders the insights needed to anticipate impacts of scientific advances in genomics, avoid pitfalls, cultivate success, and ultimately, contribute to Canada’s leadership in the 21st century global bioeconomy. GE3LS researchers come from many disciplines in social sciences and the humanities, including business, law, communications, and public policy. They often help bridge gaps between genomics researchers and other stakeholders.

Genome Canada funds large-scale GE3LS research projects, which allow researchers to delve deeply into critical issues, such as how to overcome roadblocks to innovation in Canada’s agriculture sector, and how to best incorporate personalized medicine into the health-care system. We also fund GE3LS research that is integrated as components of large-scale genomic-based projects, which deliver key insights that inform projects from a broader societal perspective.

Acknowledged as a world leader in the field of GE3LS research, Genome Canada initiated a review of the effectiveness of the integrated GE3LS research program in November 2017, to ensure it continues to support innovative research to foster the responsible and effective development and uptake of genomic-based applications.

The review, overseen by a multidisciplinary expert panel, sought to inform best practices for integrated GE3LS research through four recommendations. Genome Canada has responded to the recommendations with an implementation plan.