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Regional Priorities Partnership Program (RP3)

This competition is now closed.

Economic opportunities and sector priorities differ among Canada’s regions. Genome Canada’s unique operating model combines national leadership with the ability to understand and respond to local and regional priorities through the Genome Centres.

The Regional Priorities Partnership Program (RP3) will support the regional Genome Centres in their efforts to develop initiatives that advance genomics research and translation capacity in areas of strategic priority to their regions. This is an opportunity to strengthen relationships with provincial/regional partners (e.g., local industries, government departments and agencies, or other stakeholders) and participate in initiatives that, in time, could feed into other Genome Canada programs and objectives.

Each regional Genome Centre will engage in a consultation process with their regional partners to determine the key priority area(s) it will focus on and the type of research initiative that would best address the priority area(s). Initiatives could range from targeted investments to a competitive process.

After a review of expressions of interest for eligibility to the program by Genome Canada, the subsequent application and peer review process will be led by the Genome Centre and/or its partner(s). Genome Canada will make up to $1 million available per Genome Centre with a requirement for the partners to contribute two dollars for each Genome Canada dollar invested.  

It is expected that these initiatives will start no later than April 1, 2019 and be completed on/before March 31, 2022.  

For more information on this program please contact your regional Genome Centre.