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Competition in Applied Genomics Research in Bioproducts or Crops (ABC)

This competition is now closed.

In April 2008 Genome Canada launched a competition focused on applied genomics research in two themes 1) bioproducts, and 2) crops.

Bioproducts Theme

Research projects sought under this theme had to employ genomic and proteomic approaches to understand and manipulate the underlying biological processes exploited in the production of economically viable and environmentally sustainable bioproducts. The following three areas were targeted: Feedstock Optimization, Microorganisms for Sustainable Processing Technologies, and Value Added-Bioproducts.

Crops Theme

Employing genomic and proteomic approaches, the research proposed was required to foster an improved understanding of systems that govern plant growth, development and performance. Funded projects cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the genetic and physiological factors that contribute to the underlying biological processes of Canadian crops. The following three areas were targeted: Basic Plant Genomics, Application of Plant Genomics, and Agriculture and Food Production Sustainability.

Results of this competition were announced on April 20, 2009 - $112 million was invested in 12 new research projects.