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Membership to the Genomics Innovation Network and Core Operations Support Funds

This competition is now closed.

In June 2014, Genome Canada launched a competition for membership to the new Genomics Innovation Network (GIN) and Core Operations Support Funds.

The mission of the GIN is to create a mechanism for innovation centres across Canada to work together collaboratively, which will also aid in providing the highest quality genomic technologies and advice to the research community. Each member of the GIN, designated as a Node, will provide researchers access to high throughput genomic technologies, such as DNA sequencing, RNA expression, protein identification and quantitation, and metabolomics, as well as new method and protocol development, data analysis and bioinformatics. Each Node will also assist researchers in the development of research proposals by providing advice on appropriate technologies, study design, data analysis and bioinformatics that improve the quality of the research.

Results of the competition were announced on March 31, 2015, with 10 Nodes receiving Genome Canada funding totaling $15.5 million over two-years beginning April 1, 2015. Co-funding investments in the Nodes from other partners, including provincial governments, academic institutions, and the private sector brought the total initial investment in the Genomics Innovation Network to approximately $31 million.