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Validation and Integration of Genomics Solutions for Offshore Oil Exploration in Nova Scotia and Beyond

Genomic Applications Partnership Program
Genome Centre(s):
Genome Atlantic, Genome Alberta
Project Leader(s):
Casey Hubert (University of Calgary), Todd Ventura (Saint Mary’s University)
Receptor Leader(s):
Adam MacDonald (Nova Scotia Department of Energy)
Project Description: 

This project focuses on de-risking exploration and development in offshore Nova Scotia (NS) by the validation and integration of new genomics-based technologies with traditional exploration approaches. The primary goals of the proposed GAPP project are to (1) further decrease risk in oil exploration in offshore NS; (2) attract offshore petroleum exploration and development investment to NS in a globally competitive sector; and (3) differentiate Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines’ geoscience package by including innovative genomics solutions and showcasing them to the world. The main deliverable will be integration of different omics data layers with geochemistry and other geoscience into an easily accessible and marketable database for mapping target sites to enumerate the existence and type of reservoir leakage at prospective target sites. By providing novel, genomics-enabled data the province will significantly increase interest from oil majors and simultaneously produce intellectual property (IP) and potential for commercialization via spin off companies or licensing of the IP to industry service providers.