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Policy Briefs

Genome Canada hosts regular events called “GPS: Where Genomics, Public Policy and Society Meet.” These events are intended to broker a dialogue between federal policy-makers and GE3LS researchers on issues that arise at the interface of genomics and society. The GPS events help foster evidence-based public policy development and identify timely and socially-relevant research priorities. Below are the policy briefs issued to date. Videos from some past GPS events are available here.  Background material, including event agendas, speaker bios and presentations, participants and additional resources are available upon request.

International Development

Policy Brief No. 12:
Can Genetically Modified Crops Help the Poor?
Matthew A. Schnurr, Stuart J. Smyth
April 2016

Global Health

Policy Brief No. 11:
Beating Superbugs: Innovative Genomics and Policies to Tackle AMR
Rainer Englehardt, Gerard Wright
April 2016

The Bioeconomy

Policy Brief No. 10:
Maintaining Scientific Integrity in Canadian Regulatory Protocols
Lisa Clark, Michele Mastroeni and Camille Ryan
May 2015

The Innovation Continuum

Policy Brief No. 9:
Personalized Medicine and Health Care Policy: From Science to Value
Christopher McCabe and Don Husereau
February 2014

Policy Brief No. 8:
Receptor Capacity for Biotechnology Innovation in Canada
David Castle, John Bell, Robert Hanner, Tania Bubela, Peter Phillips and Keith Culver
March 2014

Policy Brief No. 7:
Moving Promising Technologies off the Shelf 
Jeremy Hall, Jonathan Linton, Robin Downey, Stelvia Matos and Vernon Bachor
September 2013

Translational Genomics

Policy Brief No. 6:
The Genomics “Regulatory-Science“ Regime: Issues and Option
G. Bruce Doern and Peter W.B. Phillips
October 2012

Policy Brief No. 5:
Moving Beyond Commercialization: Strategies to Maximize the Economic and Social Impact of Genomics Research
Yann Joly, Angus Livingstone and Edward S. Dove
April 2012

Policy Brief No. 4:
Intellectual Property Management: Policy Issues and Options
Jeremy De Beer, Richard Gold, Mauricio Guaranga
August 2011

Genetic Information

Policy Brief No. 3:
Online Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Issues & Policy Options
Nola Ries and Edna Einsiedel
September 2010

Policy Brief No. 2:
Revisiting Genetic Discrimination Issues in 2010: Policy Options for Canada
Trudo Lemmens, Daryl Pullman, and Rebecca Rodal
June 2010

Policy Brief No. 1:
Consent, Privacy and Research Biobanks
Timothy Caulfield and Bartha Maria Knoppers
January 2010