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Value of Genomics to Canada

Why is genomics critical?

Understanding biological systems is central to addressing the many serious challenges facing Canada and the world today, such as climate change, global population growth, increasing food and energy demand, and chronic and acute health issues.

Why is genomics important to Canada?

Countries with strong genomic scientific, technological and entrepreneurial ability can present solutions to domestic and global challenges, leading to improved lives at home and abroad. They also stand to reap significant economic returns as genomics underpins the world’s growing bioeconomy (i.e. all economic activity related to life sciences), projected to be worth some $1 trillion globally by 2030, according to the OECD.

Canada is uniquely positioned to seize this opportunity given our great natural resources and life sciences footprint coupled with a strong genomics research enterprise. Our research in this field is addressing health issues for Canadians, food production challenges, and increasingly contributing solutions toward renewing our traditional natural resource and extraction-based industries in an environmentally-sustainable manner.

Genomics is a young science. We need to pursue our understanding of it and integrate genomic technologies into all areas of Canada’s growing bioeconomy. This will equip our industries to be more productive, sustainable and competitive globally, and will bring considerable social and economic benefits to Canadians.