HIGHLIGHTS JUNE 13, 2016 The international wheat sequencing consortium, of which Canada is a leading player, releases a key resource to the scien- tific community: the whole genome assembly for bread wheat. Wheat breeders and scientists around the world will be able to download and use this invaluable new resource to accelerate crop improvement programs and wheat genomics research. JULY 11, 2016 Five new GAPP projects are announced. They apply genomics toward improvements in cancer treatment, plant breeding, bioremediation, and oil and gas exploration. JULY 20, 2016 A funding opportunity is launched to support genomics tech- nology platforms and provide technology development funds to facilities across Canada. SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 Investment in 16 new genomics “big data” research projects are announced. The bioinformatics and computational biol- ogy projects will yield new tools to address issues ranging from infectious disease outbreaks to managing food crops to support the world’s growing population. OCTOBER 4-5, 2016 Genome Canada hosts a Forum on Genomics and Precision Health in Toronto. The aim of this meeting is to develop a strategy to further the implementation of genomics in clinics. International perspectives, the Canadian context and patient perspectives are all represented. OCTOBER 11, 2016 Six new GAPP projects are announced, involving the applica- tion of genomics to solve problems facing Canada’s forestry, health, agri-food and aquaculture sectors. DECEMBER 1, 2016 A workshop report from the February 2016 Forum on Genomics and Antimicrobial Resistance is released by Genome Canada and partners. The report elaborates on an approach to tackle this mounting public health issue across multiple sectors such as agriculture, human health and environment. DECEMBER 8, 2016 A $110-million investment in 13 large- scale applied research projects is announced. These projects will deploy genomics to address challenges in Canada’s natural resources and environmental sectors. The projects look to mitigate the effects of climate change on forestry and fisheries, protect the Arctic, and support polar bears and other wildlife. DECEMBER 9, 2016 Funding of $18.3 million is announced for 25 projects that will advance disrup- tive innovation in genomics to improve human health, agriculture and natural resources. The transformative genomics- based technologies and ideas being sup- ported will help tackle some of Canada’s toughest challenges, create new market opportunities and spur job growth. JANUARY 13, 2017 A homegrown research team sequences the genome of an iconic Canadian animal – the beaver – just in time to kick off the country’s 150th anniversary. JANUARY 30, 2017 A new funding opportunity launches – Genome Canada’s 2017 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition: Genomics and Precision Health. By the end of the fiscal year, 169 research teams express interest in applying. 2016-17 Genome Canada Annual Report 2016-17 16