Genome Canada Annual Report 2016-17 19 OUR MISSION Objectives • Respond to societal needs by generating genomics discoveries and accelerating their translation into applications. • Attract greater investment in genomics research from a broad range of stakeholders, in particular the private sector. • Enhance the impact of genomics by transforming knowledge of the ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social challenges and opportunities (GE3 LS) into sound policies and practices. • Enhance the recognition of the value of genomics by increasing stakeholder appreciation of genome science, its applications and implications. Translate discoveries into applications to maximize impact across all sectors Connect ideas and people across public and private sectors to find new uses and applications for genomics Invest in large- scale science and technology to fuel innovation Improve quality of life for Canadians and strengthen our bioeconomy Genome Canada seeks to harness the transformative power of genomics to deliver benefits to Canadians. We do so through the pursuit of our mission and objectives. We continue to adapt our suite of programs to support the evolving Canadian bioeconomy and capitalize on opportunities across a wide range of industry sectors. We continue to secure strong levels of co-funding for our programs and projects from multiple partners in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Together, our work is driving innovation across many sectors of importance to the Canadian economy, resulting in job creation, growth, better health and prosperity for Canadians. Figure 1