Genome Canada Annual Report 2016-17 24 transformed by genomics advances. The program is being designed to en- hance the GE3LS research undertaken by funded large-scale applied research projects, focusing on common chal- lenges and barriers to translating the research into use. This will ensure the effective and responsible translation of innovative genomics applications. Further, Genome Canada and the Genome Centres are working together to develop a Regional Priorities Partnership Program intended to support initiatives that develop genomics research and translation capacity in areas of strategy priority to a region. It is designed to catalyze genomics research and develop- ment, build on competitive regional advantages or build capacity in a new priority area, and encourage local industries, the public sector and other stakeholders to further use genomics. We plan to continue our ongoing support for emerging issues, national and international strategic initiatives, and leading-edge technologies through technology platforms and technology development programs. We will pursue further investments in GAPP and provide funding to engage with sector stakeholders to develop their understanding of the value of genomics to their sector. Moving into 2017-18, Genome Canada will implement a number of new and ongoing initiatives. A new large-scale applied research project competition to advance genomics and precision health is underway. This is a key component of a precision health strategy that Genome Canada is developing. Genome Canada, Canada’s six regional Genome Centres, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will also work to develop a strategy to define the role of genomics in the agriculture and agri-food sector. The strategy will be used as a roadmap to identify future priorities for investment as well as to promote sector engagement and development, and identify potential areas for collaboration. We are developing a Translational Networks Program to facilitate collaborations and dialogue between research- ers and other key stakeholders whose sectors stand to be LOOKING AHEAD Under the funding agreement of $237.2 million from Budget 2016, the operations of Genome Canada and the six regional Genome Centres will be funded into 2020.