Genome Canada Annual Report 2016-17 25 A rigorous competitive process determines which research projects and technology platforms will be funded. Projects are selected through a peer review system that includes an assess- ment of the scientific merit of the proposal, including its potential social and economic benefits for Canada, and a due diligence review of the proposed management structure, the proposed budget and related financial data, including co-funding. Reviewers are chosen for their recognized expertise in the sci- ence, technology and/or translation arena, and management of large-scale genomics projects. Reviewers are drawn primarily from the international scientific community to ensure that the research we fund is of the highest international standards and to avoid conflict of interest. Over the past year, Genome Canada recruited 153 reviewers from 15 countries. Genome Canada’s board of directors makes the final decision on which applica- tions to fund, based on recommendations received from the international panel of reviewers. All Genome Canada-funded projects are actively monitored by the Genome Centres through different mechanisms, depending on the nature of the funding program and the type of project. Typically, research oversight committees are created by Genome Canada for each funded large-scale research project. These committees assess the progress of the project, provide oversight and advice, and make recommendations regarding continued funding. Table 1: Active Projects 2016-17 (see page 26) lists active research projects and technology plat- forms for which funds flowed in the 2016-17 fiscal year. The table shows the total funding, includ- ing the required co-funding, as well as the contribution from Genome Canada. Of the active projects and platforms, 43 started their funding in 2016-17. ACTIVE PROJECTS FUNDED