Genome Canada Annual Report 2016-17 27 CENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTAL FUNDING GENOME CANADA CONTRIBUTION Genome British Columbia Génome Québec Fisheries Willie Davidson Louis Bernatchez Simon Fraser  University Enhancing Production in Coho: Culture, community, catch (EPIC4) $9,709,592 $3,796,910 Genome Alberta Genome Atlantic Energy Lisa Gieg John Wolodko Faisal Khan University of Calgary Managing Microbial Corrosion in Canadian Offshore and Onshore Oil Production Operations $7,850,739 $2,307,750 Genome British Columbia Génome Québec Forestry Richard Hamelin Cameron Duff Ilga Porth University of British Columbia BioSurveillance of Alien Forest Enemies (BioSAFE) $8,730,760 $2,763,989 Genome Alberta Genome Prairie Environment Casey Hubert Gary Stern University of Calgary GENICE: Microbial genomics for oil spill preparedness in Canada's arctic marine environment $10,612,988 $2,999,422 Ontario Genomics Environment Stephen Lougheed Peter van Coeverden de Groot Graham Whitelaw Markus Dyck Queen’s University BEARWATCH: Monitoring impacts of Arctic climate change using polar bears, genomics and traditional ecological knowledge $9,219,247 $2,708,282 Ontario Genomics Genome British Columbia Forestry Emma Master Harry Brumer University of Toronto SYNBIOMICS: Functional genomics and techno- economic models for advanced biopolymer synthesis $9,989,427 $2,830,781 Genome Alberta Environment Debbie McKenzie David Wishart University of Alberta Systems Biology and Molecular Ecology of Chronic Wasting Disease $11,500,523 $3,092,335 Génome Québec Environment Sébastien Sauvé Jesse Shapiro Sarah Dorner Université de Montréal Algal Blooms, Treatment, Risk Assessment, Prediction and Prevention through Genomics (ATRAPP) $12,304,536 $3,166,666 Genome British Columbia Environment Patricia Schulte Ben Koop Anthony Farrell University of British Columbia Sustaining Freshwater Recreational Fisheries in a Changing Environment $4,386,173 $1,460,163 Genome Alberta Genome British Columbia Forestry Barb Thomas Nadir Erbilgin Yousry El-Kassaby University of Alberta Resilient Forests RES-FOR: Climate, pests and policy – Genomic applications $5,678,657 $1,762,342 Ontario Genomics Fisheries Virginia Walker Stephen Lougheed Stephan Schott Peter van Coeverden de Groot Queen’s University Towards a Sustainable Fishery for Nunavummiut $5,652,792 $2,124,674 Ontario Genomics Environment Lesley Warren Jillian Banfield University of Toronto Mine Wastewater Solutions: Next generation biological treatment through functional genomics $3,682,691 $1,181,739 Ontario Genomics Health Kym Boycott Alex MacKenzie Children’s  Hospital of  Eastern Ontario Enhanced CARE for RARE Genetic Diseases in Canada $11,778,890 $2,425,000 Genome British Columbia Health Joseph Connors Marco Marra Randy Gascoyne BC Cancer Agency Personalized Treatment of Lymphoid Cancer: British Columbia as model province $10,232,799 $2,732,796 Génome Québec Ontario Genomics Health Patrick Cossette Jacques Michaud Berge Minassian Centre hospitalier de l’Université de  Montréal Personalized Medicine in the Treament of Epilepsy $11,509,053 $5,585,410