Genome Canada Annual Report 2016-17 31 CENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTAL FUNDING GENOME CANADA CONTRIBUTION Génome Québec Health Jean-Claude Tardif Marie-Pierre Dubé Montreal Heart Institute Personalized Medicine Strate- gies for Molecular Diagnostics and Targeted Therapeutics of Cardiovascular Diseases $9,443,002 $4,672,882 EMERGING ISSUES Genome Alberta Agriculture Alexander Zakhartchouk Volker Gerdts University of Saskatchewan Development of a New Generation of Modified Live Virus Vaccine for PEDv using Reverse Genetics System $695,500 $237,144 Genome Alberta Agriculture John Harding Soren Alexandersen University of Saskatchewan Enhanced Molecular Diagnos- tics and Validating Genetic Resistance to PEDv in pigs $325,917 $118,928 Genome Prairie Health Uladzimir Karniychuk University of Saskatchewan In Vivo and Ex Vivo Models for Zika Virus Infection $713,062 $237,436 NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVES Genome Alberta Health Gregory Cairncross University of Calgary Modeling and Therapeutic Targeting of the Clinical and Genetic Diversity of Glioblastoma $8,178,786 $612,000 Genome Alberta Génome Québec Health Christopher McCabe François Rousseau University of Alberta Genomics and Personalized Health GE3LS Network program $1,996,945 $998,473 Ontario Genomics Genome Alberta Health Peter Dirks Samuel Weiss The Hospital for Sick Children Brain Cancer Stem Cell Dream Team $10,577,948 $8,500,000 Genome British Columbia Health Shubhayan Sanatani BC Children's Hospital Improving Diagnosis and Treatment of Catecholamin- ergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia $4,640,290 $333,000 Ontario Genomics Health Michael Brudno The Hospital for Sick Children Harmonising Phenomics Information for a Better Interoperability in the RD Field $4,429,833 $333,000 Ontario Genomics Health Eleftherios Diamandis University of Toronto Netherton Syndrome: From mechanisms to therapies $4,358,669 $333,000 Ontario Genomics Health Aled Edwards Cheryl Arrowsmith University of Toronto Structural Genomics Consortium IV $20,519,808 $2,275,273 Ontario Genomics Health Lincoln Stein University of Toronto Advancing Big Data Science in Genomics Research Project – The cancer genome collabo- ratory $5,999,860 $2,000,000 Genome British Columbia Health Brett Finlay Janet Rossant University of British Columbia Canadian Humans and the Microbiome Program CIFAR $5,775,000 $1,000,000 Génome Québec Ontario Genomics Genome British Columbia Health Bartha Maria Knoppers Michael Brudno Jan Friedman McGill University Canadian International Data Sharing Initiative CanSHARE $3,287,331 $1,000,000 Génome Québec Health Ruthanne Huising McGill University Responsible Innovation: Alter- ing professional accountability for biosafety and biosecurity $129,348 $64,674