Genome Canada Annual Report 2016-17 34 CENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTAL FUNDING GENOME CANADA CONTRIBUTION Génome Québec Health François Major Thomas Duchaine Université de Montréal Computation of Cell-Specific MicroRNA: MRNA regulatory networks enable the design of efficient RNAi-based therapeutics $250,000 $116,668 Génome Québec Health Jesse Shapiro Luis Barreiro Université de Montréal A Toolkit for Genome-Wide Association Studies in Bacteria $250,000 $116,668 Génome Québec Health Jerome Waldispuhl Nicolas Moitessier McGill University Computational Methods and Databases to Identify Small RNA-binding Molecules Regulating Gene Expression $249,999 $116,868 Génome Québec Genome Prairie Health Jerome Waldispuhl Olivier Tremblay- Savard McGill University Crowdsourcing Genomic Databases $250,000 $116,668 Ontario Genomics Health Paul Boutros Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Enhanced and Automated Visualization of Complex Data $250,000 $116,668 Ontario Genomics Health Michael Brudno Rebecca Weksberg The Hospital for Sick Children Consolidated Epigenetic Landscape for Congenital, Developmental and Childhood Disorders $249,900 $117,577 Ontario Genomics Health Vincent Ferretti Lincoln Stein Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Dockstore: A platform for sharing cloud-agnostic tools with the research community $250,000 $116,668 Ontario Genomics Health Art Poon Western University Kamphir: A versatile framework to fit models to phylogenetic tree shapes $205,365 $91,033 Ontario Genomics Health Jared Simpson Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Rapid, Accessible Genome Assembly Using Long Read Sequencing $250,000 $116,668 Genome British Columbia Health Inanc Birol Steven Jones Aly Karsan BC Cancer Agency Next Generation Bioinformat- ics for Clinical Genomics: Using de novo assembly in personalized medicine $999,867 $499,928 Genome British Columbia Genome Prairie Health Fiona Brinkman Gary Van Domselaar William Hsiao Simon Fraser University A Federated Bioinformatics Platform for Public Health Microbial Genomics $1,562,534 $499,108 Genome British Columbia Health Sohrab Shah University of British Columbia Measuring and Modeling Tumour Evolution from Next Generation Sequencing Data: Enabling clinical study of clonal diversity in cancer patients $999,759 $499,547 Genome British Columbia Health Wyeth Wasserman University of British Columbia Applied Bioinformatics of Cis-regulation for Disease Exploration (ABC4DE) $1,000,000 $500,000 LEADING-EDGE technology