Genome Canada Annual Report 2016-17 37 CENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTAL FUNDING GENOME CANADA CONTRIBUTION GENOMIC APPLICATIONS PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM Génome Québec Agriculture Adrian Tsang Paul Matzat Concordia University Elanco Animal Health Development and Commercialization of Next Generation Enzyme Supplement for Swine and Poultry $6,000,000 $2,000,000 Genome Alberta Agriculture Jocelyn Ozga Vic Knauf University of Alberta Arcadia Biosciences Application of Genomics for Increasing Seed Oil Content in Soybean $339,287 $113,000 Genome Prairie Agriculture Jocelyn Ozga M. Tahir University of Alberta Dow Agrosciences Canada Inc. Enhancement of Commercial Utilization of Canola Oil and Meal by Manipulation of Cellular and Sub-Cellular Metabolism Involving Fats and Carbohydrates $961,392 $320,000 Ontario Genomics Génome Québec Agriculture Charles Goulet David Liscombe Université Laval Vineland Research and Innovation Centre A Genetic Toolbox for Tomato Flavour Differentiation $1,804,643 $601,533 Génome Québec Agriculture Claude Robert Brian Sullivan Université Laval Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Chips for Better Chops: Commercial application of genomics for accelerated swine genetic improvement $6,550,103 $1,996,186 Genome Prairie Agriculture Vladimir Vujanovic Ray Riley University of Saskatchewan Indigo Agriculture Augmenting the Plant Microbiome to Improve Crop Yield and Stress Resilience $16,143,997 $1,943,373 Génome Québec Agriculture Steve Labrie Manon Duquenne Université Laval Agropur Cooperative A Metagenomic Approach to Evaluate the Impact of Cheesemaking Technologies and Ripening Conditions on the Microbial Ecosystem of Premium Washed Rind Cheeses $742,679 $247,472 Ontario Genomics Agriculture Keik Yoshioka Daryl Somers University of Toronto Vineland Research and Innovation Centre Genomics for a Competitive Greenhouse Vegetable Industry $2,416,624 $802,648 Genome Atlantic Genome Alberta Energy Casey Hubert Adam MacDonald University of Calgary Nova Scotia Department of Energy Microbial Genomics for De- Risking Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration in Nova Scotia $4,886,764 $1,597,843 Genome Prairie Environment David Levin Shawna Ducharme University of Manitoba Composites Innovation Centre Fibre Composite and Biomatrix Genomics FiCoGEN – Application to the ground transportation industry $3,315,000 $1,105,000 TRANSLATION