Genome Canada Annual Report 2016-17 38 CENTRES SECTOR LEADERS ORGANIZATIONS TITLE TOTAL FUNDING GENOME CANADA CONTRIBUTION Ontario Genomics Fisheries Elizabeth Edwards Sandra Dworatzek University of Toronto SiREM Scale-up of Bioaugmentation Cultures and Development of Delivery Strategies and Monitoring Tools for Anaerobic Benzene and Alkylbenzene Bioremediation $952,497 $317,422 Genome Atlantic Fisheries Matthew Rise Richard Taylor Memorial University Cargill Aqua Nutrition Biomarker Platform for Commercial Aquaculture Feed Development $3,804,456 $1,093,988 Genome Atlantic Fisheries Matthew Rise Richard Taylor Memorial University EWOS Innovation Integrated Pathogen Management of Co-infection in Atlantic Salmon $4,533,102 $1,509,113 Genome Atlantic Ontario Genomics Forestry Elizabeth Boulding Keng Pee Ang University of Guelph Cooke Aquaculture Inc. SALMON and CHIPS – Commercial application of genomics to maximize genetic improvement of farmed Atlantic salmon on the East Coast of Canada $3,797,739 $1,265,930 Genome British Columbia Génome Québec Forestry Richard Hamelin Cameron Duff University of British Columbia Canadian Food Inspection Agency Protecting Canadaʼs Forests against Invasive Alien Species by Next Generation Biosurveillance $2,430,000 $810,000 Génome Québec Forestry Jean Bousquet Guy Smith Université Laval FPInnovations Fact Tests for Rating and Amelioration of Conifers FastTRAC $3,364,420 $1,122,043 Genome British Columbia Health Joerg Bohlmann John H. Russell University of British Columbia British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Cedar Enhanced Durability and Resistance CEDaR: Sustainability of Canadaʼs western redcedar forestry sector $2,150,779 $716,811 Genome British Columbia Health Christoph Borchers Claude Leduc University of Victoria MRM Proteomics Inc. Development of Disease Biomarker Assessment Assays and Kits for Targeted Quantitative Proteomics of Mouse Plasma by Mass Spectrometry $1,238,513 $412,637 Ontario Genomics Health James Kennedy Bryan Dechairo Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Assurex Health Inc. Clinical Utility and Enhance- ments of a Pharmacogenom- ic Decision Support Tool for Mental Health Patients $5,994,758 $1,981,184 Ontario Genomics Health Peter Liu Gabriela Bucklar- Suchankova University of Ottawa Heart Institute Roche Diagnostics International Cardiovascular Biomarker Translation CBT Program $5,904,662 $1,953,663 TRANSLATION