Genome Canada Annual Report 2016-17 44 Genome Canada receives fund- ing each year from the federal government based on the annual requirements of research proj- ects. This funding goes to the six Genome Centres, which direct the funds to the individual projects located in their regions. In addition, the projects, administered at institutions, receive funding directly from the required co- funders. The Centres and project leaders must report co-funding quarterly to Genome Canada. The total annual financial investment in projects is shown in the graph below. Genome Canada and the Centres monitor total project investment. Genome Canada project leaders managed $180 million in funding in 2016- 17, comprised of $55 million from Genome Canada and $125 million from co-funding. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Genome Canada has invested $3.6 billion in genomics research since its creation in 2000. The federal government provided $1.5 billion, including investment income from this funding. The remaining $2.1 billion came from national and international partners, including provincial governments, and private and public sector partners. Genome Canada’s investments support large-scale science, access to leading-edge technology, translation, and the operations of Genome Canada and the six regional Genome Centres. All research projects, with few exceptions, require co-funding from other parties, including provincial governments, universities, the private sector, and other national and international organizations. Genome Canada’s funding ratio for co-funding was 1:1 prior to 2012. However, it has since increased to approximately 1:1.6. ■ Industry 13% INVESTMENT BY GENOME CANADA AND PARTNERS FROM 2000-17 ■ Other 26% ■ Genome Canada 40% ■ Provincial 21% Total Genome Canada funding = $1.5 billion Total investment = $3.6 billion Total co-funding = $2.1 billion Figure 2