Genome Canada Notes to the financial statements March 31, 2017 (in thousands of dollars) Page 7 5. Capital assets 2017 2016 Accumulated Net book Net book Cost amortization value value $ $ $ $ Furniture, fixtures and office equipment 224 176 48 20 Computer and software 177 177 - 1 Leasehold improvements 152 100 52 97 553 453 100 118 Cost and accumulated amortization at March 31, 2016 amounted to $549 and $431, respectively. 6. Deferred contributions The Corporation receives contributions from the Government of Canada to be held, invested, administered and disbursed in accordance with the related funding agreement between Genome Canada and the Government of Canada. The Corporation currently operates under four active funding agreements with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. The terms and conditions of these agreements call for payments to be made to the Corporation annually, subject to the appropriation by Parliament, at the beginning of each fiscal year, based on the estimated cash requirements for the coming year. During the year ended March 31, 2017, the Corporation received $4,500 under the agreement dated March 31, 2008, $7,900 under the agreement dated January 3, 2012, $5,000 under the agreement dated January 25, 2013, and $49,500 under the agreement dated March 10, 2014. The changes in the deferred contributions balance for the year are as follows: 2017 2016 $ $ Balance, beginning of year 44,067 29,457 Add: grants received 66,900 67,400 Add: investment income 340 258 Less: amounts amortized to revenue (62,162) (53,039) Less: amounts invested in capital assets (35) (9) Balance, end of year 49,110 44,067 Expenses of future years Deferred contributions related to expenses of future years represent unspent externally restricted funding received to date, together with investment revenue earned, for the purpose of providing funds to eligible recipients and paying for operating and capital expenditures in future years.