Genome Canada Annual Report 2016-17 2 productivity, environmental and social problems where genomics could play a role in delivering solutions. We will link potential users of the science with the genomics on offer at our many world-leading academic institutions and technology platforms across Canada. And the job extends well beyond Canada. We will engage at a deeper level with the international community to attract more international partnerships with organiza- tions and government agencies worldwide. We have a great opportunity to brand Canada as a scientific hub and global leader in finding exciting solutions from genomics. We also want to show young Canadians the importance of genomics as a field of scientific inquiry for them. It is criti- cal that the next generation learn how to master genom- ics and related tools as a means to deal with some of the greatest biological challenges of our time, such as climate change, chronic and infectious diseases, and food security, to name just a few. It has been an honour to serve in my first year as chair of Genome Canada. I thank the Government of Canada for its continued support, my fellow board members, the leader- ship team and staff at Genome Canada, and the regional Genome Centres for their dedication and excellent work. Our research community is building a growing network of partners who provide amazing contributions. This collabo- ration will ensure we help Canada continue to be a nation of innovators for the next 150 years and beyond. Moura Quayle Chair ~ We are delighted to present an overview of our work during fiscal year 2016-17. Our research community has delivered some outstanding outcomes and we have made multiple new investments in large-scale science, leading-edge technologies and translation across multiple sectors, all with a view to deliver benefits to Canadians. Partnerships are at the heart of Canada’s genomics enterprise. They are the basis of Genome Canada’s business model, and a key enabler of our success. Quite simply, part- nerships are in our DNA! Our partnerships work on many levels. As the lead funder of genomics in Canada, our investments cata- lyze co-funding from many sources – private industry, not-for-profit organizations and the public sec- tor. Provincial governments deserve special recognition as their sup- port, delivered through Canada’s six regional Genome Centres (Genome British Columbia, Genome Alberta, Genome Prairie, Ontario Genomics, Génome Québec and Genome Atlan- tic), ensures that the dollars invested by all address regional priorities and challenges right across the country. Our close collaboration with the Centres means that Genome Canada is more than a federal program. It is truly a national program. Everyone is in. The Centres play an instrumental role in deepening our engagement with many new co-funding partners who are local, regional, national and international in scope. These relationships serve to strengthen Canada’s genomics enterprise as a whole through robust investment in research. Beyond funding, we catalyze science partnerships across regions and sectors. This is quite unique and advantageous to Canada. We are the only G7 country with an integrated genomics program, wherein our investments are multi- sectoral and, furthermore, research teams are multidisciplinary. This structure allows cross-fertilization to take place. Capacity built in British Columbia for health genomics has served as a platform for forestry genomics. Forestry genomics experts in Western Canada are collaborating with experts in Quebec who are tackling similar challenges.