Genome Canada Notes to the financial statements March 31, 2017 (in thousands of dollars) Page 9 10. Contingencies In the normal course of business, the Corporation has entered into a lease agreement for premises. It is common in such commercial lease transactions for the Corporation as the lessee, to agree to indemnify the lessor for liabilities that may arise from the use of the leased assets. The maximum amount potentially payable under the foregoing indemnities cannot be reasonably estimated. The Corporation has liability insurance that relates to the indemnifications described above. 11. Fair value of financial instruments The carrying value of interest receivable, other receivables, and accounts payable and accrued liabilities approximates their fair value because of the relatively short period to maturity of the instruments. The fair value of investments is disclosed in Note 4 to the financial statements. The Corporation is not subject to significant currency risk arising from its financial instruments. The Corporation is exposed to credit and interest rate risk with respect to its interest-bearing investments. The Corporation invests in government bonds to reduce the credit risk to an acceptable level. 12. Comparative figures Certain comparative figures have been reclassified to conform with the current year’s presentation.