b'Leading-edge technologies Success stories Optimizing the Dairy Business in Canada Dairy is big business in Canada,with 1.4 million cows responsiblefor $6.17 billion in revenue each year. Dairy in Canada is alsounique in that production is subject to a quota system. This makes optimizing productivity a key ingredient to a farms profitability. Dr. Abdoulaye Banir Diallo of the Universit du QubecMontral and Dr. Marc-Andr Sirard of Universit Laval are developing tools that will integrate production and genomics data, driving the development of new management practices and allowing a precise productivity estimate for individual cows. Predicting the Consequencesof Antimicrobial ResistanceDr. Robert Beiko of Dalhousie University, Dr. Fiona Brinkman of Simon Fraser University and Dr. Andrew G. McArthur of McMaster University are developing new software and database platforms to provide a near-instantaneous picture of AMR organisms. Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 7'