b'Leading-edge technologies Success stories The Multipurpose Advantageof Biodiversity ToolsSurveying biodiversity is critical to many sectors of the Canadian economy. It is particularly essential to Canadas growth in the forestry, agriculture, and fishery sectors and to decision-making in public health. Dr. Sarah Adamowicz and Dr. Paul Hebert at the University of Guelph are creating new bioinformatics tools that will facilitate rapid processing of DNA data from the environment. These new tools will support large-scale biodiversity research, effective environmental assessments for industry and more accurate biodiversity data for decision-makers.Feeding a GrowingBy 2050, the world population Population is expected to reach nine billion people. Agricultural production will need to increase by 60-70% to keep pace. To help understand plant and animal productivity, Dr. Gregory Butler of Concordia University is developing TooT Suite, a bioinformatic tool that examines the interactions between plants and animals with their microbial communities, which significantly affect their overall productivity. TooT Suite opens an era where genomics and big data collide for the agricultural research needed to address future food security.8 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19'