b'Leading-edge technologies Success stories The Growing Importance ofData-Sharing TechnologiesImproving Healthcare through Data-Sharing TechnologiesCanadian scientists have made exciting discoveries about the complex relationship between genetic mutations and disease. However, much of this information is spread across dozens of databases in differing formats. Researchers and clinicians need an accessible resource designed for sharing and combining data to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Jordan Lerner-Ellis and Dr. Matthew Lebo are addressing this issue by creating a shared, open-source genetic database that combines the work of clinical and research laboratories. Preventing the Spread of Infectious Disease Infectious diseases can devastate animal and human popula-tions, damage economies and paralyze trade. Genomics tools have transformed the detection of infectious pathogens; but without a secure data-sharing platform, their use in real-time is limited. Dr. William Hsiao of the University of BritishColumbia and the Public Health Agency of Canada have team upped to create new data-sharing platforms to enable real-time, multijurisdictional data sharing. These tools will transform how infectious disease data is shared and analyzed, leading to better monitoring of dangerous pathogens. Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 9'