b'TranslationSuccess stories Vineland Research and Innovation Centre: Partneringfor Genomic Applications Discovering the Science of Flavour Tomatoes are the essence of summer in a bite. They are also responsible for more than half a billion dollars in annual farm sales and are Canadas biggest fresh vegetable export. Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is working with Dr. Charles Goulet of Universit Laval to ensure new tomato varieties possess something very important to the consumerflavour. The development of flavourful tomato cultivars will give Canadian greenhouse producers an advantage in a competitive market, with total direct economic benefits estimated at more than $30 million per year.Strengthening Canadas Greenhouse Vegetables Canadas greenhouse industry generates more than $1 billion a year. In a competitive environment, plant diseases are an enormous burden on growers, causing up to 20% crop loss.Dr. David Guttman, Dr. Darrell Desveaux, and Dr. Adam Mott of the University of Toronto have discovered a family of genes that allow plants to be resistant against damaging bacteria and fungi. The team is working with the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre to further develop these genes to protect greenhouse crops against multiple pathogens, ultimately reducing lossesand increasing yields. 10 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19'