b'In ReviewINTRODUCTION T his year saw Genome Canada achieve significant high- lights, launch exciting new projects, and make con-siderable progress towards its objectives. As you will read in this annual report, in 2018-19 Genome Canada supported research projects totalling $182.3 million including support from federal, provincial, industrial and other sources. The Genome Canada model involves cooperation and collaboration with six independent Genome Centres: Genome Atlantic, Gnome Qubec, Ontario Genomics, Genome Prairie, GenomeAlberta,andGenomeBritishColumbia.Together, Genome Canada and the Centres constitute Canadas Genomic Enterprise, working together to align federal and provincial strategy and funding and working proactively to build excep-tional interdisciplinary teams focused on putting genomics into the hands of those who will use it.Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 11'