b'HIGHLIGHTS May 16, 2018 Memorial University of Newfoundland research team of Drs. Terry-Lynn Young, Sean Connors, Kathleen Selected highlights from 2018-19Hodgkinson and Daryl Pullman received a 2018 Gover-nor General Innovation Award for identifying a lethal that illustrate Genome Canadasgene mutation known to have caused sudden cardiac commitment to its mission include: death in more than 25 Newfoundland and Labrador families.Genome Canada is proud to have supported this exceptional work through The Atlantic Medical Genetic and Genomics Initiative, a collaboration with April 24, 2018 Genome Atlantic, launched in 2005-06.University of Guelph biologist Paul D.N. Hebert awarded the 2018 Dr. A.H. Heineken Prize for EnvironmentalJune 4, 2018Sciences for his pivotal contribution to developing aGenome Canada launched a national precision health genetic barcode capable of classifying every biologi- strategy to support better diagnostics and treatment cal species on Earth. Dr. Paul Heberts internationalfor rare disease patients. By establishing shared and Barcode of Life project was supported for many yearseffective policies, processes, techniques and technol-by Genome Canada and Ontario Genomics. ogies, it will also form the first step towards a national roll-out of precision health for all Canadians.May 16, 2018 Genome Quebec launches a new online educationSeptember 19, 2018platform for high-school students in the province. TheInternationally-renownedplantgeneticistProfes-platform was designed with teachers and academicsor Pamela Ronald visits Vancouver to discuss plant advisors to teach basic concepts about genetics andgenomics and the future of food as Genome BCs 9th genomics and meets provincial curriculum standards. annual Don Rix Distinguished Keynote speaker.October 24, 2018 Canadas genomics community descended on Parliament for Genomics on the Hilla celebration of genomics research and its impacts. Senator Rosa Galvez, Minister Kirsty Duncan and Parliamentary Secretary Kate Young greeted Parliamentarians, researchers, patients and guests and celebrated Canadian genomics research excellence.Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 13'