b'Highlights 2018-19December 2018 Genome Canada concludes an in-depth review of its integrated GE3LS research. Conducted by an expert panel led by Dr. Eric Meslin, the review strongly end- orses integrated GE3LS as a component of Genome Canadas research portfolio and makes several sug-gestions for strengthening it.March 6-7, 2019 Ontario Genomics hosted the 2nd Annual Canada SynBio conference, focused on accelerating the growth and success of February 4, 2019Canadas Engineering biology community. The Honourable Kirsty Duncan,More than 300 researchers and innovators Minister of Science and Sport,attended and a keynote was delivered by announced $22.7 millionGeorge Church.funding to support 36 research projects as a result of three funding competitions throughMarch 19, 2019Genome Canada. An additionalThe federal budget allocates an additional $100.5 $33.4 million is being investedmillion over two years to Genome Canada to make by provincial governments,transformative scientific breakthroughs and trans-business and research partnerslate these discoveries into real-world applications.for a total of $56 million in support for these projects spanning sectors such as health, agriculture, natural resources, and the environment.February 7, 2019Genome Atlantic supports the launch of an ambitious new project that applies genomics to the early detec-March 21, 2019 tion and treatment of bipolar disorder, led by Drs.Genome Prairie launches Genome360, Martin Alda and Rudolf Uher. an initiative to make genomics and February 14, 2019 phenomics capabilities more accessible Genome Canada launched the Genomics in Societyto Manitobans. It includes an electric-Interdisciplinary Research Teams program, which aimspowered Molecular Biology Interactive to support and enhance GE3LS research that addressesLearning Enterprise (MOBILE) lab that challenges and/or accelerates the adoption and up-takes a fully functional lab into the field. take of genomics research.14 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19'