b'PURSUING OUR G resources, agriculture and the environment. enome Canada brings the power of genomics to Cana- dians in sectors of the economy as diverse as health, OBJECTIVES natural We continue to adapt our suite of programs to support an evolving national and global bioeconomy. Our work continues to be supported by strong levels of co-funding from partners in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Together we are driving innovation in the Canadian economy, resulting in job creation, growth, and improved prosperity. THIS WORK IS DRIVEN BY OUR KEY CORPORATE OBJECTIVES, WHICH AIM TO:Respond to societal needs byEnhance the impact of genomics by generating genomics discoveriestransforming knowledge of the ethical, and accelerating their translationenvironmental, economic, legal and social into applications; challenges and opportunities (GE3LS) into sound policies and practices; and,Attract greater investment in genomics research from a broadEnhance the recognition of the value range of stake-holders, in particularof genomics by increasing stakeholder the private sector; appreciation of genome science, its applications and implications.These objectives have been met through a variety of programs, initiatives and corporate activities, described below. Genome Canada is proud of the excellence of Canadas researchers, the potential for their research ideas, and the opportunity to effect significant change in Canadians health, wealth and environment. Genome Canada mitigates a few ongoing challenges, in particu-lar the challenge of irregular and unpredictable funding, which makes long-term strategic planning difficult with stakeholders like provincial governments; increased demand, in particular for industry-linked partnership projects in our GAPP program; and the need to increase engagement with stakeholders, users and the public to provide trusted, evidence-based information about newly emerging technologies and applications like gene editing, synthetic biology and precision health.GenomeCanadaresearchprojectsareselectedviaworld-class, international peer review. Reviewers are chosen for their recognized expertise in the science, technology and/or transla-tion arena, and management of large-scale genomics projects. Reviewers are drawn primarily from the international scientific Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 15'