b'opment genes, and will fast track treatments targeting specific genetic alterations early at diagnosis.This year also saw the launch of the 2018 LSARP Competition: Genomic Solutions for Agriculture, Agri-food, Fisheries and Aquaculture. This $76 million competition, including co-funding, was launched in June 2018 in partnership with AAFC. It supports projects that demonstrate how genomics research can be trans-latedintosolutionsadvancingthesustainability,productive capacity and competitive position of the Canadian agriculture/agri-food and fisheries/aquaculture sectors. Research in these areas has the potential to provide new approaches that can im-prove disease and pest resistance in our crops, livestock, and fish, increase our understanding of soil and aquatic microbiomes, im-prove early disease detection in livestock, improve our ability to track, monitor and assess wild fish populations, and identify crops and livestock that are more resilient to temperature extremes due to climate change. 73 pre-applications were received in November 2018. 27 applicants were invited to submit full proposals which will be reviewed and evaluated during in-person sessions in June 2019.Genome Canada continued to support successful projects from pre-vious LSARP competitions, particularly the 2015 LSARP Competition in Natural Resources and the Environment, and the 2014 LSARP Competition for Genomics and Feeding the Future. As with all LSARP projects, Genome Centres monitor projects via Research Oversight Committees, who report on progress being made and who make recommendations regarding continued funding while providing the project team advice and guidance to help ensure that the project achieves its stated objectives and milestones. Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 17'