b'Pursuing ourobjectives In 2018-19, Genome Canada also introduced an initiative called the Regional Priorities Partnership Program (RP3). RP3 projects are identified by regional Genome Centres in conjunction with their provincial partners, aggregating efforts in a coordinated national way but also partnering locally on issues important to individual regions. These strategic investments support strong federal-provincial alignment on research priorities and support capacity-building and development across Canada. Over $16.6M of federal, provincial and other funding has been allocated to the program to support the following projects: Advancing environment genomics in the marine environment (Atlantic Canada)BIONET Alberta: A Bioinformatics Network for theProvince of Alberta (Alberta)Development of genomic tools for the vaccinationand breeding of cleaner fish (lumpfish and cunner) in support of the aquaculture industry (Newfoundlandand Labrador)Early detection and treatment of a bipolar disorder(Nova Scotia)Enhancing Fusarium head blight resistance in durumwheat (Saskatchewan) Implementation of a modern and sustainable mussel breeding program (Prince Edward Island)Improving cannabis productivity and strain identification (New Brunswick)Ontario Regional Priorities Program in Agriculture andAgri-food (Ontario)Provincial platform to meet clinical genomics needs (Manitoba)Regional Priority on Pathogen Control (British Columbia)Genome Canada also continues to support the international collaborations through the ERA-NET consortium E-Rare-3 and the European Research Projects on Rare Diseases joint trans-national call, launched in 2015. Nine projects with Canadian participants are ongoing through this joint international fund-ing mechanism. Translating I ncreasingly, genomics research is moving toward applica-tion and implementation. As such, there is greater demand research intofor projects designed to bring research into the clinic or field or factory. Genome Canadas flagship partnership program is application the Genomics Applications Partnership Program (GAPP). A total of $207.4 million, including co-funding, has been invested in 54 receptor-led projects to date.18 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19'