b'Pursuing ourobjectivesG enome Canada is responsible for ensuring that Canada benefits from international initiatives in genomics and is contributing to international efforts to solve global problems. As such, Genome Canada maintains close relations with its counterparts around the world and is in regular contact to share progress and ideas and to iden-tify possible avenues for collaboration. For instance, Genome Canada regularly attends international meetings on precision health, genomics and the environment, anti-microbial resis-International tance, agriculture, etc. Additionally, Genome Canada encourages its researchers to participate in global initiatives and to include Leadership international collaborators on Genome Canada-funded projects.Genome Canada also provides funding to promote Canadian leadershiponinternationalinitiativesofparticularimpor-tance or value to Canada. For many years, Genome Canada has been a core supporter of the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC), an internationally-recognized initiative headquartered in Toronto. Established in 2004, the SGC has been a global leader the discovery of new medicines through open access research and public-private partnerships. Throughout 2018-19, Genome Canada continued its investment in the SGC. Nearly $400 million in investments have been made in collaboration with partners since 2004 in the SGC.This year, Genome Canada supported the leadership teams of two major international initiatives. The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) has over 500-member organi-zations from 71 countries focused on improving human health through global genomics and clinical data sharing. Canada is now playing a significant leadership role in establishing interna-tional standards around data governance, trust and privacy as well as technical standards for genomic health data. Through GA4GH, Driver Projects have become key delivery agents in bringing data sharing infrastructure to life. Since 2017 and thanks to Genome Canadas support of GA4GH, Canada has played a role in several Driver Projects, which help identify, develop and pilot data sharing frameworks and standards in the near term in real-world settings.DivSeek is an international collaboration that enables research-ers and breeders to mobilize the genetic variation found in the worlds gene banks to accelerate the rate of crop breeding and to enhance the productivity, sustainability, and resilience of crop varieties to challenges such as climate change. Genome Canada will provide approximately $250,000 over three years in support of the DivSeek International Network (DIN) secretariat based at, and co-funded by, the Global Institute for Food Security in Saskatoon. Genome Canada believes in facilitating access to user-friendly bioinformatics tools and cyberinfrastructures to handle the da-tasets and complex analysis that will facilitate innovation in crops Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 23'