b'Pursuing ourobjectivesand is investing $250,000 in a project entitled DivSeek Canada to help accelerate plant breeding by leveraging the genetic diversity in the worlds live collections and seed banks to create a unified, coordinated and cohesive information management platform. This type of innovation in crops is of importance to Canadas ag-riculture sector in meeting the challenge of global food security in the face of population growth, changing the climate, and increas-ing constraints on land, water, and fertilizer. IncreasingA s part of its mandate to increase uptake and applica-tion of genomics, Genome Canada works to increase stakeholderstakeholder understanding of genomics and appreci-ation for how it can be used. As such, Genome Canada appreciation regularly produces sector strategies for genomicsstrategies that outline challenges and opportunities in sector-of genomics specific applications and identifies mechanisms to address them through research and innovation. Generally, Genome Canada convenes dialogues with key stakeholders from industry, aca-demia, government and the not for profit sector to share ideas, identify opportunities and discuss collaborations, with Genome Canada acting as organizer and producer of the final report. This year, a sector strategy for agriculture, agri-food, fisheries and aquaculture was produced ahead of the LSARP competition in the same area. The final report is expected to be published in early 2019-20.Genome Canada, along with other members of Canadas Ge- nomic Enterprise, was a proud co-sponsor of SynBio 2019,an annual symposium coordinated and hosted by our partner Ontario Genomics. This event brings together researchers and industry for a two-day symposium designed to share information and identify opportunities to support this rapidly developing field. This years event hosted at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, brought together more than 300 people, including researchers, policymakers, industry, entrepreneurs, start-ups, associations, funders, VCs and other from across Canada and beyond. SynBio has become the annual focus for conversations about synthetic biology in Canada.This year also saw the release of a revitalized communications strategy designed to work with Genome Centres on outreach, engagement and communications around genomics and its impacts. This year, Genome Canada launched the National Dialogue Series in Genomics, a series of events across the coun-try to engage with the public and other stakeholders. Events included a public lecture hosted by Genome Atlantic on the genomics of bipolar disorder led by Dalhousie University re-searchers, Martin Alda and Rudolf Uher, attended by roughly 24 Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19'