b'Pursuing ourobjectives100 researchers, patients and public in Halifax and a day-long symposium hosted by Genome Quebec in Montreal called tes-Vous Gnomique? which brought together non-genomics experts from communications, policy and the public sphere to learn about genomics and discuss its implications in their space. Genome Canada also ensures that it communicates to Parliament- arians and others in government who are responsible for mak-ing investments in genomic science. This year, Genome Canada hosted its Genomics on the Hill event where researchers had a chance to meet Parliamentarians and to share their stories and enthusiasm with public office holders and others in Ottawa. The event was hosted by Senator Rosa Galvez, an environmen-tal engineer and friend of Genome Canada, and was attended by Minister Kirsty Duncan and Parliamentary Secretary Kate Young among many others. Researchers in attendance included Dr. Richard Hamelin of the University of British Columbia who demonstrated his hand-held device for doing in-field genetic iden-tification of forest pests and Dr. Curtis Pozniak of the University of Saskatchewan, a leader in the global effort to sequence the immensely complicated wheat genome.Genome Canada Annual Report 2018-19 25'